About us

Our company

Ociopesca Internacional, also known as “Olipesca”, is a fishing and sport fishing shop located in Alicante since 1996.

Our team

Our company and its extensive experience ensure that all our Products / Services pass the highest quality controls at their levels. The moment you access our website, you will have the certainty of being attended by a great team of professionals who will watch over your interests at all times. Highly qualified and specially trained staff will solve any doubts that may arise and will advise you at all times.

We are specialized in Surfcasting / Spinning / Currican, both at a professional level and at a level of initiation in these techniques.

We offer our clients and friends a wide catalog of accessories and accessories related to the world of fishing.

Rods, reels, fishing kayaks, tackle, lures, sinkers ... An "endless" of products to facilitate fishing days.

We offer advice on the most important fishing techniques, such as; Surfcasting, Spinning, Beach ledgering, Currican, Eging, Jigging, Popping, Rockfishing.

Ociopesca is Shimano Rapala's official point of sale. In addition to this well-known brand of artificial lures, we can also offer the rest of the leading brands in this important accessory. At Ociopesca internacional, we will advise you conveniently on which lure to buy, so that you can enjoy your fishing days.

We have the best reels on the market with the best technologies. Shimano and Daiwa are two leading brands in reels. We advise on the necessary reel for your preferred fishing techniques.

In rods, we have a wide catalog of them and the best brands, always correctly advising our clients and friends about the best model and the best quality-price ratio.

We have the bait you need, and if you make the reservation we can get you special baits. Surely, with our baits, your fishing day will be as productive and fun as you want.

We always want to offer the best prices in the market, thanks to this great competitive advantage, we have always been leaders for our Clients. As the years have passed, our Clients have earned us their trust and loyalty.

As an added value, Ociopesca Internacional is a recommended point of sale for Galaxy Kayaks. Some fantastic kayaks so that you can enjoy fishing from another way and perspective. In our store, we advise you on the best kayaks and their corresponding accessories.

At Ociopesca Internacional, if there is something that characterizes us and differentiates us from the rest, it is that familiar and personalized treatment that we offer to all our clients and friends. The satisfaction of all of them is our main premise, therefore, Ociopesca Internacional not only sells products and articles for sport fishing, but also advises and recommends the best and at the best price to all our visitors.

From here we thank you and hope to continue for many years to provide you with the best service.